With Dan’s wine list 1 2 3 being compiled I have been thinking about things which are particularly close to my heart.

One word comes to my mind: MUSIC

So many things in my life are connected with music. I don’t know if I can say any more than that.

One of the most remakable properties that music has is when it associates itself with certain events or times, of course part of that is in my own head. The list of connections between music and memories is endless but some that pop into my head now are:

Norah Jones’ Come Away With Me and 222A Gordon Hall (with the white Christmas lights strung up)
Lonesome River Band’s Talkin’ to Myself and My Grandparents House
Maroon 5 and Panama City, FL
Bob Dylan’s You Ain’t Going Nowhere and Evan
Just about any Simon & Garfunkel and being a little kid (4 or 5) at Pine Cove
Tim McGraw’s Everywhere album and delivering pizza in my ’87 Civic
Walls of Time (Ricky Skaggs version) and Cripplegate
Long Line of Leavers (Caedmon’s Call) and my Car Wreck

The list goes on and on, I obviously didn’t cover Sacred Harp or various other Sacred Music – and only because it is a little complicated to put into words.

I hope Dan won’t be mad ’cause I jumped into “his pool,” as it were.

Signing Off…


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