Permanence and Technology

I ran across a great post by Owen Strachan via Challies that discusses how much our love (probably especially my love) for technology effects the way we look at the rest of life. Strachan does an excellent job identifying the problem and showing it’s inevitable outcome — an outcome visible all around us today.

How Technology Relates to Permanence, and What That Means for Christianity

I often find myself in the category of those who give too much importance to their technology (in my case, computers etc.) It really comes down to how much I value this life, at times, over the next. Though I don’t like to hear them, I find myself asking questions like: How does a new video card help me glorify God? Or how does a faster internet connection help me lay up treasure in heaven? The answers of course are not answers that the materialistic Eric likes, but nevertheless are true.

“…do all of these things aware that you must shape your approach to technology, and that you must let permanent things, things originating beyond the age of the earth, to direct your life.”


1 Response to “Permanence and Technology”

  1. 1 Jesse L.
    May 19, 2008 at 5:49 pm

    Very thought-provoking! I’m afraid I’ve been guilty also of getting upset by such truly minor things as the slowness of our Internet connection, etc. Speaking of minor (as in tone of music), I suppose I shall see you and Jenny at HH, correct? 😀

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