The Road Not Traveled

Yesterday, as I was walking through Wal-Mart (a detestable madhouse of chaos and confusion, even more than usual), I ran into one of my old high school teachers, whom I haven’t seen since graduation. After introducing herself to E. and cooing over Baby C. for a minute, she asked me if I had graduated college, and upon my reply to the affirmative, asked innocently, “So what are you working on now? Master’s, Ph.D, or are you teaching?”
Of course, I’m not doing any of those three things, but it’s funny to think about the fact that her question was a perfectly reasonable one considering the path I had been on in high school. As a driven student and a lover of all things academic, it seemed inevitable that I would go down that path; I was planning on it myself, in the event that I didn’t find anyone willing to marry me.
But I did find someone willing to marry me, and boy, am I glad. Still, I wonder sometimes what I would have been like if things had turned out differently. Would the Me who followed her academic dreams have been happy? Would she be a better/worse person? I like to think of this hypothetical Me as my Mirror Universe self (see: Star Trek). So much of who we are is determined by our choices and experiences and what we learn from them… so she wouldn’t really be Me at all.
But of course, that’s all completely fruitless speculation. God is sovereign, and he had my course laid in at the beginning of time. This is who I was always going to be at age 24. And, contrary to what some physicists and many sci-fi fans like to think, there isn’t some alternate universe out there where my life is playing out any other way. Thanks be to Jesus.

1 Response to “The Road Not Traveled”

  1. March 11, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    Not to detract from the seriousness of the post, but I really liked the way you worked “course laid in” into your explanation of God’s sovereign plan.

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