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My father and I have the wonderful opportunity to attend Together for the Gospel in just about a month. This will be the third time this has been held and the second time we have had the privilege to go. We are very excited about getting to go again and are eagerly awaiting the event. As was the case last year the speakers will be Mark Dever, Ligon Duncan, C.J. Mahaney, Al Mohler as well as Thabiti Anyabwile, John MacArthur, John Piper, R.C. Sproul and special guest Matt Chandler.

We are also excited because we have signed up to attend the Band of Bloggers event just before t4g starts. We have not attended one of these before (this is their fourth event) but as with t4g, we eagerly await this event. In the past they have featured many respected Christian bloggers including Tim Challies and Dr. Russell Moore. This year the event will be headed by Justin Taylor, Trevin Wax, Jared Wilson, and Jon McIntosh. While I don’t blog as often as any of these fellows I eagerly look forward to hearing what they have to say about the topic for this year: “Internet Idolatry and Gospel Fidelity.”

With the advent of new media and the increasing influence of technology on our lives, it is important to address the relationship of the gospel to technology, especially the areas where we are tempted with idolatrous desire (power, identity, influence, acceptance, control, etc.). While the internet, with all of its platforms (such as blogging, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) can be a powerful tool to leverage our lives for the gospel impact, we want to examine our hearts to bring to light the various ways in which the idol factory of our hearts challenges and subverts the very gospel which we long to embrace.

I expect to have my computer with me to take notes and blog some while I am in Louisville, I hope I can concentrate well enough to write some good posts.

Band of Bloggers


I am hoping… but no promises.

Today I discovered that WordPress has developed an iPhone program that allows writing and updating of their blogs. This is my first post with the program and it seems to be pretty seamless.

This program will allow me to post pictures from my phone as well as write posts on the go.

Here’s to blogging more in the new year!



Funny Picture


Permanence and Technology

I ran across a great post by Owen Strachan via Challies that discusses how much our love (probably especially my love) for technology effects the way we look at the rest of life. Strachan does an excellent job identifying the problem and showing it’s inevitable outcome — an outcome visible all around us today.

How Technology Relates to Permanence, and What That Means for Christianity

I often find myself in the category of those who give too much importance to their technology (in my case, computers etc.) It really comes down to how much I value this life, at times, over the next. Though I don’t like to hear them, I find myself asking questions like: How does a new video card help me glorify God? Or how does a faster internet connection help me lay up treasure in heaven? The answers of course are not answers that the materialistic Eric likes, but nevertheless are true.

“…do all of these things aware that you must shape your approach to technology, and that you must let permanent things, things originating beyond the age of the earth, to direct your life.”


Challies Book Giveaway

In about 3 or 4 days is giving away a bunch of books. Click on the link below to sign up.

April Giveaway

Make sure you read his rules for the contest, they are simple but apparently people have forfeited because of technicalities before.

When you register you can put in the referral number 61975 so that I get credit for helping sign you up. Not to shamelessly increase my chances or anything…right.




“Simulated Imagery”?
Try “We Photoshopped Her Some New Skin” instead.



Helvetica Type

I watched an excellent movie a few weeks ago; it was Helvetica by filmmaker Gary Hustwit.

I thought it was excellent because of its insights into the design field, the process of design and the thoughts of the designers themselves. I thought it was also excellent because it avoided the slanted perspective that most documentaries seem to come from.

You might ask, “Could someone really feel that strongly about a font?” to which I would reply, “Certainly.” I might not be in the ranks of people who hate particular fonts, but I have seen people who did — I didn’t realize until the other day that apparently there are plenty of schoolteachers who hate Comic Sans. It seems that the rest use it exclusively. Hustwit interviews people who think that Helvetica represents homogenization and loss of identity and also people who think of it as the height of design in the 20th century.

To all of you (read: nerds) who are interested in how “things” are designed, I would recommend this movie. You might find it as quotable as I did.

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Thought For The Week

I want to clarify that there is no political problem that is not really a heart problem with hearts not connected to Christ. Only one Kingdom is really important, and this isn't it.

But just as it's sad to see poorly coded software, a badly built building, or an ugly city, it's even more sad to see a nation being thrown away. As custodians of this earth, we should do better.

-Mark Ritchie