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Calm down…this too shall pass.

This past Sunday, I read a particularly negative article in the newspaper (which, as everyone knows, is always full of negative stories). Not reporting anything useful, it spent its 2 columns groaning over the state of the world: gas prices rising, food prices rising, economy sliding, the never ending conflict against terrorism, etc. The writer of this article seemed to think that the whole world was degenerating into chaos, with no hope of recovery.

I beg to differ.

First of all, as believers we know that God’s sovereignty is the reality that overrides the apparent chaos in this fallen world. He institutes governments, directs leaders, and controls events with exacting care. Just read the book of Isaiah if you want particular proof of this Biblical truth.

Second of all, any student of history (even a non-believer) should be able to see the parallels between the current time and other transitional periods in history. Every generation has its own unique situation, but history tells us that there’s not much new under the sun. As our country struggles to move from an economy fueled by oil to one powered by other sources of energy, economic growing pains are a natural result. As so often in the past, conditions will get worse before they get better. Just look at the Industrial Revolution: the development of industrial technology came long before the safety standards and labor laws that were necessary to protect the many people whose lives were affected by this change. In addition, think of all the craftsmen who suddenly found themselves obsolete and unemployed! Conditions were pretty miserable for a long time, which predictably resulted in social unrest. But eventually society had time to catch up with the changes, and today industrialization is just a normal fact of life, not a cause of misery or unrest (for the most part).

I’m not saying that America is currently experiencing another Industrial Revolution; however, I am saying that the currently tough (and worsening) economic conditions are probably not permanent. It may not be fun to live with skyrocketing gas prices and unpredictable food costs, but necessity is the mother of invention. There are a lot of creative and capable people in this country working on new ways to increase efficiency, explore new avenues, and so on. This period of instability is not going to last forever.

And of course, if the whole world does completely degenerate into chaos and anarchy, we can still trust the God who’s ultimately in control of all human history.


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Thought For The Week

I want to clarify that there is no political problem that is not really a heart problem with hearts not connected to Christ. Only one Kingdom is really important, and this isn't it.

But just as it's sad to see poorly coded software, a badly built building, or an ugly city, it's even more sad to see a nation being thrown away. As custodians of this earth, we should do better.

-Mark Ritchie